Value for Customers
Are you tired of taking notes in the field with pencil and paper? Tired of trying to remember which photo goes with which note and which GPS reading? We have the solution, MapWith.Us GIS. Instead of merging notes, photos, GPS readings back at the office, our app does it all for you.
  • Use our product for location based multimedia note taking.
  • Use our mobile product to quickly take inventory and rate municipal features.
  • Increase efficiency of field workers.
  • Increase accuracy, verifiability, and flexibility of data.
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues or clients no matter the size.
Value to Clients
Whether your client is a construction firm, community, or individual: share important information in real time via the web.
  • Gather and protect key information.
  • Share information in real time from the field.
  • Elicit feedback from customers, solving problems before they start.
  • Review electronically gathered project information.
The Municipal Inventory Project - (2011)
MapWith.Us Mobile and Web
Solutions for Engineering Firms, Municipalities, and Utilities
MapWith.Us provides innovative mobile and web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions. This includes real-time location-based technology for acquiring, managing, mining, and sharing your data.
ACQUIRE and geotag your data using our mobile apps available on Apple iOS, Android, and Blackberry platforms.
  • You decide what information to collect and the format, we push it out to your mobile device in real time
  • Your cloud or ours ... we can host and archive your data or install on your machines
MANAGE your data using our easy web based system.
  • Import and Export data via KML files.
  • Visualize large data sets via the web using our patented resampling system.
  • Tag your data and maps for indexing.
  • Assign data to layers based on a variety of parameters: acquisition platform, groups, time, type ... and more.
  • Create a variety of data types (polygons, text, video, lines, photos, audio, waypoints).
  • Measure and manage your data.
SHARE your data securely within your company, with clients, or with the world.
  • Simple web based formatting tools makes it easy to embed your maps and data in any web page or presentation.
  • Commenting system allows you to elicit information from clients or the community.
  • Group collaboration tools keeps your team connected.