Mobile Data Collection Tools for Engineering & Construction Management

  • Field Data Projects
  • Inventory Projects
  • Asset Management
  • Construction Project Management
Are you manually taking notes in the field, using multiple electronic devices, or even pencil and paper? MapWith.Us GIS automates this process, saving you valuable time you may otherwise be wasting on data entry. Instead of merging notes, photos, and GPS readings back at the office, MapWith.Us GIS does it for you in real time, allowing you to make that data available to other users as needed. MapWithUs provides a robust and cost-effective Mobile & Mapping solution for field data collection that engineering and construction companies use throughout the full lifecycle of project management, from planning to implementation.
On one end of the spectrum, there are expensive GIS software products and expensive GPS hardware products. On the other end of the spectrum, companies do this work manually, sometimes with just pencil and paper. MapWith.Us provides a high-quality, inexpensive solution using mobile phones and online mapping. Since MapWith.Us is delivered through a Software As A Service model, the solution is readily available to firms of any size. MapWith.Us GIS users are saving time and money, and the real time mobile functionality and low price point is enabling our customers to win new projects and proposals.
  • Engineering & Construction
    • Data collection for field engineers
    • Project site status and remote management
Tools for Engineers
  • Municipalities, Utilities
    • City and government projects, features assessments
    • Inventory projects, inspection documentation
    • Disaster site damage assessments
    • Risk management documentation
  • Agriculture
    • Site status, sensor status, issue reporting
  • Water & Environment