Mobile Data Collection Tools for Engineering & Construction Management

Solutions for Municipalities

MapWith.Us GIS provides critical services to municipalities. Our full gamut of tools rivals ESRI, yet is easy to use and provides support for group collaboration. One major differentiating feature is our mobile GIS product. The mobile product allows workers in the field to acquire data and share that data in real time with colleagues and customers. Data acquisition can be redundant and time consuming, that's why we allow customers to create custom templates that can be pushed out to all their smartphones in real time. The custom templates allow the customer to define data acquisition parameters, such as data type, allowable values, and work flow. If you have data acquired by other systems, our product allows you to import KML files. To find out more about our mobile products click here.

Sharing data has never been easier. If your project requires you to elicit feedback from customers, whether they are one person or a community, we have the tools that allow you to publish and visualize datasets. Our easy to use GUI tools allow you to customize the look and feel of your visualization, allowing you to embed your data in any website with a click of a button. In addition, our embedded visualizations are interactive, which means you can allow feedback from your clients. To find out more about embedding maps click here.

Streetbrew can change the way you do business. If you need workers to "check-in", so you know what they are up to, we have the solution for you. Streetbrew is a location based sharing tool, where employees can check-in to work sites and jobs, allowing you to generate reports and elicit immediate feedback. In addition, by using Streetbrew you create a historical database of worker movement and job site info. To find out more visit

Case Study:

The problem:

The City of Missoula conducted an urban assessment of features in District 3. This project required the WGM Group engineering firm to assess features through out the city such as, curb and gutter quality, adjacent land use, sidewalks, traffic control, fire hydrant streets, crosswalks, ADA compliance, streetlights, and drainage. The old way of conducting this survey was sending workers with GPS, cameras and notepads. With thousands of features to assess, this quickly becomes a nightmare. Which picture went with which note and with what GPS reading?

The solution:

WGM Group used MapWith.Us GIS. Within a few minutes, the engineering firm created several mapping areas using our online cloud based tools. They then shared the maps with employees who would be assessing the features. Each employee was issued a smartphone with MapWith.Us GIS installed. In order to streamline the assessment process, the engineering firm used our template tool to create a "rateable" item with a custom scale for each asset that would be assessed. For example, they created a "rateable" item "ADA Compliance" with a scale from 1 minimum to 5 maximum, where 1=no ramps, 2=incomplete ramps, 3=driveway, non-compliant, 4 =ramp w/o detectable warnings, 5 = ramp with detectable warnings. This template of "rateable" items is automatically pushed to each smartphone. The rest is easy, go out and assess features, which includes rating the item, and attaching multimedia notes if necessary. In real time the info was gathered and disseminated to the engineers. Success!