Mapping Server

Comprehensive Global Map Data On A Server You Own!

An in-house server you own and manage!

MapWith.Us Mapping Server

The Map With Us server gives you an in-house mapping server that's not only secure but also lightning fast! We also offer a service plan to help get you started.

Our turn-key appliance comes with the complete MapWithUs GIS solution and database. All map tiles are pre-loaded making our server the only turn-key solution for private mapping servers.

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If have questions or would like to customize the hardware for your server feel free to give us a call at: +1 877 718 7977 or send us a message.


Our mapping server comes packed with our complete MapWith.Us web and mobile suite. Using MapWith.Us web provides an easy to use portal for customizing and managing your maps and map data. Default templates are included which can contain multiple structured data types such as menu trees, rateables, attribute value pairs, photos, videos, audio and more. The look and feel can also be modified with a click of the mouse.


  • World Wide Vector Mapping Solution
  • World Wide Navigation
  • Entire MapWith.Us software suite
  • 2.5TB Map Storage for your maps, images, videos, and meta-data

This server is ideal for:

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Management
  • Risk Management Documentation
  • Construction Project Management
  • General Field Data Collection and Management

GIS Tool Set

Our software provides GIS professionals with a powerful data management, visualization, and analysis tool set that is compatible with other major GIS platforms including ESRI and Google.

Using our software, you can manage GIS datasets from multiple sources. This includes importing and exporting common data types, transforming data, and publishing data to the web, internally, or to mobile devices. Data can be modified using a role based access control system from the web and mobile devices.

The MapWith.Us Suite is a complete GIS System with a robust feature list including:

  • Custom Embedded Maps
  • 100 User Accounts
  • Unlimited Article Creation
  • KML Export / Import
  • Embedding of Maps / Data
  • Custom Mobile Solutions for both iOS and Android
  • UNLIMITED Map Loads


Advanced Group Management Tools

  • Role based access control system for groups
  • Publication model for controlling data access
  • Customizable work flow solution for mobile devices

Create Custom Maps Of Your Data

  • Create and edit map articles
  • Use templates to structure your data
  • Upload photos, videos, text, audio and more
  • Polygon and path creator
  • Area calculator for polygons
  • Length calculator for polygons

GPS Precision

  • Average, on-the-fly, accuracy is about +/- 2-3 meters (precision is based on mobile device capabilities)
  • Customizable accuracy threshold allows for better than average accuracy, based on device capabilities

Group Features To Share Data Across Accounts

  • Share & edit data
  • Commenting system
  • Embeddable maps
  • Publish personal maps to group

Import / Export Tools Compatible With ESRI & Mapping Programs

  • Export your MapWith.Us maps to KML, XML, CAP/ATOM
  • ShapeFile or RSS
  • Import from KML, ShapeFile, or GeoRSS directly


  • Custom installations available
  • Branded mobile applications

Mobile Solutions*

  • Collect Data Anywhere
  • Use templates to structure your data
  • Change workflow and look and feel to meet your needs

* Give us a call at +1 877 718 7977 or contact us to purchase a mobile package upgrade.


Processor: Intel Core i7 3.4GHZ 6-Core

Storage 1: 2x4TB 7200RPM (RAID 1)

Storage 2: 2x1TB Intel 850 PRO (solid state)

Memory: 64GB DDR3-1600

Power: 750W Modular

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X79

Server Case: 4U Rack Mount