Custom Applications


Mobile applications represent a real time solution for collecting and disseminating data. Our current selection of mobile apps offers a wide variety of tools for your location-based needs. However, no two companies are the same, unique problems require unique solutions. We have a track record of creating affordable yet quality custom solutions based on your requirements and business objectives. Please contact us for information.


MapWith.Us and StreetBrew provide easy to use GUI systems for embedding custom visualizations and location-based tools. Without any programming, you can easily customize the look and feel of our map-based solutions to match you existing web infrastructure. However, each business has unique requirements. We offer affordable yet quality solutions.

Case Study

The, the newspaper of record for Vancouver, WA, wanted to automatically map all their new stories. MapWith.Us created the solution. We ingested their RSS feed, noting the location field, and automatically pushed the stories to a news map. We also offered clustering and time based algorithms to make the visualization readable. The final solution increased web traffic to their community page by over 400% during a three-month period.

Columbian Newspaper Case Study