About Us

About Our Company

MapWith.Us is a provider of innovative mobile and web-based mapping solutions. We aim to make custom map creation simple and fast, providing valuable solutions for both business and consumer use. Our mobile phone applications make it possible to instantly upload mobile content from your phone to our online maps. Share your mobile photos with friends and family, or the whole world - in real-time.


MapWith.Us was founded in 2006 based on patented technology developed at Washington State University. The founder and CEO, Dr. Orest Pilskalns, along with a small team of developers, licensed the technology and a company was launched. The company was founded with a goal of providing tools for all users, not just web developers, to create and customize online maps. The web site would also serve as a platform for social networking around location-based data.

As the technology progressed, MapWith.Us began developing applications for cell phones, enabling real-time mapping of photos, video, audio and text directly from a mobile device. This real-time data automation, when paired with our strong foundation of custom mapping tools, creates an advanced, rich set of technology.